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The comments and testimonials below are from some of the people that I have had the privilege to work alongside. For independent reviews by clients and professional colleagues, please see my 'Links' page.
All comments are published on my website with prior consent and are anonymised for confidentiality purposes 

''I can’t tell you what a relief it is to talk to someone who doesn’t have an agenda and is just interested in my well being. Thank you so much!!!''

''A challenging but ultimately incredible, life-changing experience. Carried out in a perfectly safe, relaxed, serene environment, the therapy always felt within my own limits and run at my own pace: never forced or any more demanding than I could manage in any given session. I honestly couldn't praise or recommend Sharon and her methods highly enough. The best help for helping yourself!''

''Sharon is simply an excellent counsellor. She possess all the key skills and knows how to apply them sensitively, appropriately, and most of all, effectively''

''Big thank you for helping me lift the fog and focus on the new adventures in my life, when times got tough after losing my Mother to cancer. I would definately recommend Sharon, with a calm and intuitive attitude, she helps you to bring you back on track when your path seems blocked or you feel like you have lost your way.''  

 ''A life-changing experience that far exceeded my expectations. Thank you''

''I recommend you to anyone who is stressed and needing to find ways of coping. The best support around. Thank you so much''

''You heard me when nobody else could. Thank you for all of your support''

'I have specifically sought out Sharon to assist with specialist programmes dealing with short term unemployed through to hard to reach individuals with high needs.  Sharon is a consummate professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, she fits well with established teams and has a naturally proactive manner which, when working with government funded programmes, is a blessing'. 

- Google review from a professional colleague.

"I feel like me again...but a newer and better me!"

"Working with Sharon has given me the opportunity and space to examine my  feelings. She gives me time to delve down in to the 'why' in a safe and  supportive environment. We all live busy lives and often move from one  experience to another without giving our brains time to process what is  happening. Sharon has given me that time and also the opportunity to  focus on me and therefore process the why. She helps me understand.  Counselling is now a part of my tool belt for coping with difficult  situations. If you were in physical pain, you'd see a medical Dr, seeing  Sharon is exactly the same; my way of seeking help, taking and  maintaining control"

"It was so lovely to feel listened to and valued. The most competent, professional and helpful person I have met'' 

" I recommend learning about 'mindfulness' to anyone. You helped me not  only to recognise that I was in the past or in the future so much that I  was missing out on my life now but to actually find ways of making  positive changes"

"I'm looking  forward to things again now. It has really helped talking to someone  like you who understands how I'm feeling and who really cares. Thank you"

"Talking to someone that I trusted has made me feel so much calmer. I understand myself so much better. It has improved my marriage and my relationship with my children. If you're considering having counselling then go for it! I'm  so glad that I did."

 "Thank you for never giving up on me" 

"I contacted Sharon 2 years after a family bereavement. I have been  fortunate enough to have previously had a programme of NHS counselling  which I did find helpful, however, it did not afford me the flexibility  that I felt I needed. I found Sharon very welcoming and immediately felt  at ease, enabling me to very quickly establish a positive working  relationship with her. She certainly gave me plenty to think about  between sessions. A few sessions in we discussed strategies to cope with  the 'roller coaster' of emotions I had previously been experiencing. I  have been able to utilise these strategies, in my own way, and 3 months  on I have come off antidepressants, at my request, and my Blood Pressure  is the lowest it has been in the last 2.5 years. I enjoyed going to see  Sharon as although I knew it would be hard work, the benefits were  immediate and I have learnt so much about myself and how to get the best  out of me- even though it often means not taking the easy option! I  also know that, if at any time I do lose my way, I can return to see  Sharon- I have an immediate safety net."

"I never realised how hard on myself I was. I had not felt truly happy  for years and had begun to fear that I would never feel happy again. I  just seemed to feel numb most of the time. I had been in some really  difficult relationships and had just lost myself. I lost contact with  friends and lost my ability to have fun- I didn't even know what I liked  doing anymore. I was blaming myself for so much that I now realise was  not my fault- that was a real revelation for me! I now have a new  outlook on life and I am actually  to do things that I enjoy. Thank you  for helping me to learn how to be kind to myself and for helping me to  get my life back!"

"I encourage anyone thinking of having counselling to do it. It has been such a valuable experience. Thank you Sharon" 

''I feel liberated! Thank you so much''

''I was nervous about having counselling as I wasn't sure what to say, but Sharon helped me to talk about things in a way that actually made me look forward to sessions. I would recommend her to anyone who feels nervous or embarrassed about talking about difficult things''

 "The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change" - Carl Gustav Jung